We clean, revive, repair and protect every-day leather products. Our services can be provided at our workshop or at your homes and work premises throughout South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

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Car Interior Leather Services

A car's interior can start to wear over time. Instead of leaving it to get worse and lose value, you can restore it to help maintain its original appeal and keep up its value - without compromising its character.

Many car owners think their vehicle's interior is beyond repair, but often that is not the case - something can be done. We're up for a challenge, and will provide you with straightforward advice to ensure you receive the most cost-effective solution for your car seat restoration.

With our expert techniques, we can revive your vehicle and retain its history and maintain its value. We can make repairs and renovations and get rid of signs of everyday wear and tear, including cigarette burns, Jeans Dye Transfer, stud rips that blend into the car's original material with the aim of maintaining its character. We provide:

In the home - Sofas and Leather Chairs

You spent time carefully choosing one of the most expensive items in your home - your sofa, so be proud of it. Most new leather furnishings are not protected from dirt which collects quickly in every day wear. Dirt eventually gets into the grain and if left uncleaned and untreated it will eventually cause the leather to pull apart. We can help.

To maintain the look and feel, a leather sofa should be cleaned roughly once a year and protection applied to make future cleaning easier. We will deep clean, revitalise and protect it for you, bringing back its natural beauty.

Understanding the type of leather you have is crucial, so we use a microscope to check, and then we can use the correct products. We provide a really deep down clean and we always supply and apply leather protector for you, completely free, aimed at increasing the life of your sofa. This is much more than leather cleaning as most people know it.

Personal Stuff

All leather products suffer from natural wear and require different protection from the elements. When it comes to personal items, they are often subject to more wear and tear than one would think. We apply our expertise of cleaning, repairs and restorations to such items as

Bring your favourite leather items back to life and let them look good - as they should.